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30 9 2023
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Tour operator recovered £65,000 from ex-empoyee

Business Services International UK Ltd. (BSIUK) has been successful in its legal action against former employee Elena Bogoslovskaya and her company Collection-Consulting Ltd. [12–03 11:55]

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Arrives In Minsk

Patriarch Alexy II arrived in Minsk on 23 October on a three-day visit. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church pays his sixth visit to Belarus on the occasion of the 1020th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Kyivan Rus.  [24–10 16:29]

Quarter Of Belarusian Pensioners Carry On Working

The number of working pensioners keeps growing in Belarus every year. They are 2 million 445.9 thousand retired people in the country. Almost 550 thousand of them continue working – it is 4% more than last year.  [21–03 20:50]

Belarus To Get $14 Million Grant To Fight Tuberculosis

Belarus will receive a U.S. $14 million grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to implement the state program Tuberculosis, Levan Bouadze, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Belarus, told reporters. [21–03 20:49]

OSCE Offered To Look Into How Belarus Keeps Obligations

A group of civil society activists spearheading a campaign called “Belarus to Europe” on March 19 delivered a petition to the OSCE Office in Minsk for holding a public hearing on the implementation by Belarus of its OSCE commitments, opposition politician Igor Rynkevich told BelaPAN.  [21–03 20:48]

Belarusian Physicists Urge Authorities To Abandon Nuclear Plans

A group of Belarusian nuclear physicists has urged the authorities to abandon their plans for the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country.  [14–03 20:28]

Will School Transformation Lead To Civil Democratization?

From the outside, the Belarusian educational system seems to have been radically transformed. Today’s graduates went through all the changes during their school years, including the centralised testing, and increased number of school years. Their school life had the periods of Belarusian revival, humanitarianism, democratisation, and formalisation.  [14–03 20:27]

Papal Mass Could Lead To Belarus Visit

A weekend papal mass to be broadcast in Minsk's Catholic cathedral could help improve Belarus's standing in the world and eventually lead to a visit by Pope Benedict, the country's top Catholic cleric said. [29–02 20:01]

Will Belarusian Tourism Survive?

We are unable to change the situation unless we change the infrastructure, said Victor Yankovenko, the Director of the Tourism Department at the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.  [29–02 20:00]

Even Hindus Join BRYU In Gomel

Students at the International Faculty at the Gomel State Medical University are joining the ranks of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU), a youth organization that has replaced the former Komsomol Union that ceased to exist after the USSR collapse. [29–02 19:59]

Farming Is Claiming Compensation From Government

The Belarusian Ministry of Agriculture and Provisions has applied to the government seeking compensations for the production of agricultural products because of the growing prices on energy resources, fertilisers, and materials.  [29–02 19:59]

Belarusian Medicines Are In Favour Among Elderly People

Sociological centre ‘Zerkalo-Info’ held a public opinion poll in Minsk and Minsk region to find out preferences for imported and domestic medicines. The poll results reported by Radio ‘Ratsia’ say that people aged 50 or more prefer domestic medicines.  [15–02 19:43]

Северсталь выпустила 200 млн.тонн конвертерной сталиСеверсталь выпустила 200 млн.тонн конвертерной стали

На Череповецком металлургическом комбинате, одном из  крупнейших заводов …

Белорусы осваивают новые виды бизнесаБелорусы осваивают новые виды бизнеса

В Боровлянах открылась гостиница для собак. Это достаточно новый вид бизнеса …

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